Founded in 1991, Stone Architecture is committed to cultivating strong client relationships through excellence in design. By wedding timeless forms and materials with contemporary construction techniques, the firm seeks to reveal the beauty and uniqueness hidden in the spaces that surround us.
Hicks Stone, the firm's principal, believes that meaningful spaces resonate with their context and are responsive to the specific needs of their users. Every facet of the firm's work is approached with a scrupulous attention to detail. Each phase in the creative process reflects their four guiding principles:
Invoking the enduring nature of classical proportions and materials.
Celebrating the cultural essence of each project's site.
Embracing the natural setting.
Meeting the client's needs.
Principal, Stone Architecture
Hicks Stone
Hicks Stone established Stone Architecture in 1991. His work includes the design of private homes, resorts, and museums as well as the renovation of public venues including retail spaces, athletic facilities, and plazas in North America and the Caribbean.
His recent work includes a new home in Sharon, Connecticut that utilizes inexpensive but cutting-edge building technology to produce a 90% reduction in energy consumption and the design of the main plaza and ceremonial fountain of the 80,000 student State University of New York in Albany, New York.
Prior to founding Stone Architecture, he was a project manager and senior designer at Philip Johnson & John Burgee Architects from 1988 to 1991. During that time he worked closely with Philip Johnson designing Port America, a 250-acre mixed-use development in the Washington, D.C. area. He was a significant contributor to the design of MacArthur Centre, a 70-story office tower in Brisbane, Australia, the Texas Medical Center Park in Houston, Texas and Takashimaya, a stylish East / West department store on Fifth Avenue in New York City, among other projects.
Born in San Francisco and raised in New York City, he received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Hamilton College and his Master of Architecture degree from the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University. He is the son of the renowned American midcentury modern architect, Edward Durell Stone.
Mr. Stone and his work have been featured in House & Garden, Palm Beach Cottages & Gardens, The New Yorker and This Old House Magazines. He has also written the only biography of his father, Edward Durell Stone: A Son's Untold Story of a Legendary Architect which was published by Rizzoli in 2011. Metropolis Magazine rated the book on their top ten list of books in 2011. He has lectured extensively at academic and cultural institutions throughout the country in support of the book.
Mr. Stone is a certified Passive House Designer, having received his training under the aegis of the Passivhaus Institut based in Darmstadt, Germany. Mr. Stone strongly believes that substantial energy savings can be realized for building owners by making simple and inexpensive adjustments to conventional construction methods.
11:00 AM TO 2:00 PM
Four of the Eisenhower Medical Center's buildings were designed by the renowned and celebrated architect, Edward Durell Stone, Hicks Stone's father. Hicks will be the featured speaker at the Eisenhower Medical Center's exciting 2016 Modernism Week Event, where the architectural collection of its 130 acre Rancho Mirage campus, the largest midcentury modern commercial collection in the Coachella Valley, will be featured. For more information, click here.

Hicks Stone's biography of his father, Edward Durell Stone: A Son's Untold Story of a Legendary Architect, can be purchased on the Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Rizzoli web sites.
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